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High Performance Websites

Our website technology is based on a template structure. This allows us the flexibility to modify and rebuild all websites across our system to meet Google’s ever-changing algorithms. We recompile all of our customer’s sites on average twice a month to adjust for changes. This also allows us to rapidly compile mobile websites. These can be manually edited afterwards to customize each site to our customer’s specific needs.

This also has the unique advantage for large corporate website management: We have the ability to customize and develop localized content, while allowing corporate to view statistics on website performance with the ability for corporate to push content to all the child sites, allowing portions of the sites to be controlled by corporate and other parts customized to the local business.

Google optimized websites are designed for three reasons: 1) To meet Google quality scoring to achieve high quality scores, which significantly reduces AdWords cost (which we pass along to you in cost based pricing), 2) to readily provide users with what they are searching for, resulting in a contact, phone call or visit to your facility, 3) Enhanced SEO presence. All developed content and the custom domain name are yours to keep if you choose to leave us. We will never disrupt your business.

Required for Google Premium Marketing

  • - Localized with custom content for inclusion on Google
    Places and other local directories
  • - Web and mobile versions
  • - Google analytics included on web and mobile
  • - Search engine optimized for SEO and Paid search
  • - Unique domain name
  • - Designed for visitor readability & high impact
  • - Fully customizable graphics, styles, & colors
  • - Fully customizable sub pages
  • - Updated frequently to address changes in search engine
    algorithms and Google policies
  • - FREE unlimited changes (we do all the work)
  • - Unlimited fully customizable pages
  • - Unique professionally written introduction
  • - Services offered
  • - Coupons & specials (automatically scheduled)
  • - Hours of operation
  • - Methods or payment accepted
  • - Photo gallery
  • - Video & audio
  • - Lead capture and management
  • - Send to phone
  • - Contact Us (quick form and full page with map)
  • - Map - zoom & pan for multiple locations.
  • - Driving directions
  • - Areas of service
  • - Social marketing schedulers and auto poster
  • - Drip email and response posting system
  • - Privacy policy, which includes unsubscribe


Our mobile sites are designed for high speed delivery, easy access to information, in a large and readable format, with single finger navigation. Mobile pages are completely configurable and home page can be configured for different industry requirements. For most organizations, coupons (1/2 of all phones in the US are smart phones and electronic coupons are redeemed 10X more frequently on smart phones than laptops and PCs), about us and products are the most sought after and are usually the top elements on the home page.

Designed for visitor readability & high impact

- Google analytics included
- Custom analytics included
- Fast navigate with 1 finger (swipe & pinch)
- Unlimited color schemes
- Fully customizable graphics, styles, & colors
- Unlimited fully customizable pages
- Click to call on every page
- About Us & services offered
- Coupons & specials
- Hours of operation
- Methods of payment accepted
- Photo gallery
- Video & audio
- Custom script
- Contact us
- Map - zoom & pan supports multiple locations
- Geolocate and follow dot
- Driving directions
- Areas of service
- Site map
- Privacy policy

Our mobile sites contain all the necessary features for rapid use by mobile users. Sites are designed to load rapidly over cellular networks allowing users to rapidly navigate to the information they are seeking, these include:

  • Phone number prominently available across all pages in sub-header
  • Home page specific to mobile (coupons, about us, specialties directions, times open, methods of payment)
  • Quick navigation buttons
  • Driving Directions with Geo-locate (marks your location and business location on map)
  • Contact us, about us, specialties, services, areas served, times open, methods of payment, quick navigation features, custom pages and more.
  • Site map for quick reference
  • View full site

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