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Why We Require Our Landing Page for Premium Placement on Google

For our premium placement program on Google, we guarantee premium placement for a flat price and unlimited clicks. We can achieve the best position at the lowest cost by working hard to get the highest possible Quality Score for each keyword we use to market your company online using Google AdWords. Quality Scores are based on a number of factors and they are assessed each time your ad is displayed on Google. A Quality Score is assigned to each keyword in your Google AdWords Campaign. Google has developed the Quality Score algorithm to entice advertisers to provide the most relevant information to its users, providing them with the best possible experience using Google. Advertisers are rewarded for this behavior by receiving a higher position on the page at a lower cost.

Quality Scores are so significant that the position of ads on Google is rarely related to price. It’s common for one advertiser to be higher on the page than another, while paying a significantly lower price per click based on Quality Scores. Google AdWords is an auction that has far more to do with how well the bidders present themselves than price!

Google Quality Scores

Quality Score Factors:

The diagram to the right outlines the factors that are considered in determining your Quality Scores. Google does not disclose specifics as to how to achieve high quality scores because Google adjusts their algorithms as often as 400 times a year.

Keyword Relevancy: Keywords used to advertise on Google AdWords must be very relevant to the products or services we are marketing for you. If you are a plumber and a roofer, we would do two separate campaigns and develop two separate landing pages specific to each type of business you do. Within each campaign we carefully group related keywords. Keywords related to a counselor might be “family counseling”, “marriage counseling”, “couples counseling”, etc.

Ad Relevancy: For each group of keywords we develop very targeted ads containing these keywords in the keyword group. If a user types in family counseling, your ads will contain these words enticing users to naturally click on the ad with the identical words they typed in their search query.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): When keywords are tightly grouped to ads containing the keywords within each group, users see ads containing the same terms which they searched for and they naturally click these ads increasing the click-through rate.

Landing Page: Along with the other factors above, the landing page is a significant factor in achieving high Quality Scores. Google evaluates over 200 factors on landing pages in determining Quality Scores, including verifying the correct information on the page and in hidden text, speed, structure, readability, etc. Landing pages play a major role in Quality Scores, in that, if the page suffers from too many problems, not only do Quality Scores fall resulting in a higher click price and lower position on the page, but in some cases Google will refuse to show ads regardless of the price!

Once a visitor clicks your ad, they are displayed a high quality, high speed, and information packed web page. The landing page we develop for you is not only critical to achieving high quality scores, but it properly presents the user with information that they are looking for, displayed where they are looking, and they provide a significant online organic presence.

Our landing pages are so significant that often they become our customer’s primary business website.

Samples of some of our sites can be found here:

The video below, provided by Google Business, shows the factors involved in achieving a high quality score and the importance of your landing page.

Your Landing Page Must Contain the Right Information:

Our goal is to bring you new customers at the lowest possible cost while providing you with the highest return on investment. This means giving potential new customers, who arrive at your landing page, all the information that they are looking for, resulting in increased inbound calls, filling out the contact forms, etc. By rapidly satisfying the need for information, we greatly increase the probability that a visitor will readily find what they want and will become a customer. The chart below shows what the typical visitor to a local business site is looking for, which are typically placed on your landing page.


Your Landing Page Must Contain the Right Information in the Right Locations:

Where information is arranged on the page is also extremely important. The average visitor to a website will make a determination if they like the site within 1/10th of a second. Thereafter, the visitor is rapidly seeking information. Graphics are only viewed very briefly for visual cues, then the eye immediately begins searching the text on the page. New visitors are looking for specific information, such that as described above. If they don’t find what they are looking for, they will rapidly leave.

The eye tracking chart below shows were the human eye will seek information on the page. It should not be a surprise that your company name, address and phone numbers are prominently displayed on the top of the page in a large font. Notice that in the chart above, 80% of visitors are searching for a phone number and 75% of visitors are looking for an address at the top of the page. Information is properly organized on our customer website according to how visitors search.

Security Max
Source: Eyetools/Marketing Sherpa

Site Content Including Hidden Information:

Hidden content on your landing page is properly structured, including hidden text, such as title and meta description information, header tags, bullets, div blocks and div order, etc. such that search engines like Google can properly read and organize this information for the proper search results. Additionally, your landing page is designed to be error free, containing no bad links and designed to load extremely fast, resulting in high Quality Scores from Google. All of this contributes to high Quality Scores giving us a distinct price advantage, which we pass along to you.

For us to successfully market your company online with the best performance we must manage your landing page, keywords and keyword grouping, and the content of your ads.


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