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Our Policy

We know that you work very hard for the money you make and that you take making money very seriously. We take helping you grow your business very seriously.
Our goal is to maximize your success using the highest-performing online marketing. We strive to help you maximize your return on investment while reducing your costs wherever possible without impacting your business. We constantly monitor and tune campaigns to improve performance throughout your time with us, leaving you free to run your business.
Our contracts are month to month; you’re not locked into any long term contract. We work hard to earn your business each and every month.
There are no hidden or additional charges. Once we quote you a fee, which is flat rate, no one will be calling you back asking you to spend more money.
If you work with our AdWords professionals we’ll tune your areas of focus, keywords, and even geographic marketing areas as many times as necessary to optimize your campaign performance. All changes are free and there are no limits to the number of changes you can make.
As a Google AdWords Qualified Company, we take care to meet all of the stringent requirements which Google requires us to follow.
Some of Google’s requirements can be found here:
We are not allowed to offer any products which refer to the following:

  • Selling AdWords as 'listings', implying permanence

  • Guaranteeing certain ad placement, or that ads will appear at all times

We offer two types of online search marketing campaigns:

  1. We offer a Premium Campaign where we maximize all the clicks we can possibly receive and spend to maximize your presence on Google. We constantly bid for your ad to be in the 3rd position on the page and, according to reporting, we can achieve an average position around that. Your position on the page is based on many factors, one of which is the competitive bidding by other competitors. Your position will move around for each query. We send you weekly or monthly reporting from Google which shows the position for every keyword. We cannot guarantee that your ad will be there every minute of the day, but we make every effort to keep you there as often as possible.  

  2. We also offer a Custom Campaign, which is lower cost and is designed for your ads to be on and off throughout the day. Since we are not bidding to be on Google as much as possible, you have the freedom to run this campaign at certain times of the day, such as when your employees can pick up the phone. We can also help you bid lower cost keywords, getting as much bang for the buck as possible.

Both of these campaigns utilize all the relevant keywords for your business, unless you choose to only use specific keywords. We’re here to help you attain the highest return on investment, so please call in to our support group and we’ll modify your campaign as much as you like to improve your performance. Remember, all changes are always free.
During your online campaign with us, we build a Google optimized website, which is necessary to achieve a high performing AdWords campaign. Our support people will review this website with you and customize it to your liking. During your campaign with us, all changes are free. You are welcome to call in as much as you like and we’ll modify this as many times as necessary to make you happy.
We work with you to choose a custom domain name for your website. If you choose to leave us for any reason, this domain name can be transferred to you at no cost. Even the graphics that we developed for you are yours to take at no cost. We will never hold any of these things hostage.
Our support department is always there to help you if you have any questions or concerns. Our toll free number is posted on every page of our website and on your credit card statement if you paid by credit card. We are open from 9AM to 6PM Pacific Standard Time.