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We tried a $3,200 program with Valpak, sending out over 100,000 mailers. We only got one response and that didn’t pan out. We started a campaign with Performance Media Placement for $300 per month and got business within the first few weeks. We’re here to stay.

Tankless Water Heater Installation - Rancho, CA

We started with Performance Media Placement in March of 2008 and have been a customer ever since. We consistently get very high quality phone calls resulting in business far greater then we pay. This program clearly gives us a very positive return on investment.

Cleaning Service – Alexandria, VA

Before we started with Performance Media Placement, we had worked with other companies offering to send us customers. We received many calls which were not for services we offer and many were from out-of-state. We switched to Performance Media Placement and immediately received calls highly relevant to our business. No more wasted time! We clearly are getting our money’s worth.

Auto Glass Repair Service – Durham, NC

Since we started with Performance Media Placement, we’ve received several calls a week. This has had a very positive impact on our business. We’ve grabbed enough additional business that we haven’t had to reduce any staffing and in some cases our employees are now working overtime. This has been a great boom to our business.

Carpet Sales and Installation – St. Petersburg, FL

Getting customers in this economy has been especially difficult for the hotel industry. With all the budget cuts travel is often one of the first cuts businesses make. Our only hope is to steal the customers from other competitors. With premium Google positioning, we’ve managed to keep our customers coming in, keeping vacancy rates low.

Bed and Breakfast – Salem, OR

I need to pause my account. You have been awesome. I am swamped and can’t provide quality care to my customers. I am currently looking to contract quality employees. Thank you for the awesome service and I look forward to coming back at a later date with your company.

Pet and Home Sitter - Phoenix, AZ

Finally A company who does what they say they do. I am so pleased with my website and the prompt service I get from your company.

Pet Boarding and Grooming Facility - Indianapolis, IN

Wow! Since I signed up with your company I went from dusting off my Limos to being fully booked. Thank you.

Limousine Company - Napa, CA

My Google account with you has bought me so much additional business that I am ready to add six more of our locations to the campaign.

Storage Unit Chain - Tustin, CA

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