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Home  > Why Go with Us vs. Managing Your Own AdWords Campaign

Why Go with Us vs. Managing Your Own AdWords Campaign

We put your company on Google. We do this by developing all the search phrases your customers will use to find your business and putting these phrases into appropriate groups. We then create professionally written ads developed specifically for each group.

When this is done correctly, Google gives each search term a high quality score. A high score means significantly lower advertising costs and increased visibility. We also create a customized, Google optimized website for you.

The misconception is that it will cost you more for someone to manage your Google AdWords account than doing it yourself. However, our analysis shows that when we take over a customer’s account, we improve their performance 2 to 3 times, thus making it much cheaper (and more time-effective for you!) than doing it yourself. Here’s why:

  • We’ve got the tools
    • We utilize our own automated software, which connects directly to Google to analyze your online campaigns, which are tuned by our Google qualified personnel.

    • Our websites are automatically regenerated as necessary to address changes in Google’s search algorithms, maximizing campaign performance.

  • We’ve got the knowledge
    • We are a Google AdWords Qualified Company. We can maximize your results.

    • We know how to improve the quality scores on each and every search term to make your campaign the most effective.

    • Your campaign is reviewed weekly (or more) by our Google AdWords qualified team. Our experts will make sure your campaign is getting results.

  • We’ve got the time
    • You can call in any time and usually in one day we will:
      • Add or remove cities from your campaign at your request, automatically adjusting your bill accordingly.

      • Change specials instantly. We can even build you a coupon for your website and add it to your campaign at NO additional cost.

      • Pause your campaign if you go on vacation or for any other reason.

  • All changes and modifications to your campaign, ads, and landing page are always FREE!

Performance Media Placement Do It Yourself
Call us any time to make changes or modifications You can only chat with Google(1)
We do all the work for you Google can give you advice - you do the rest
We are much cheaper than doing it yourself You'll have to stay current on Google's changes
We'll Help you Maximize your performance You will only receive vague advice via chat
We can retarget and modify keywords You have to do all the optimization yourself
We provide a Google search optimized website Good luck using your own website!

(1) Chat is not always available. You may have to email Google and wait for a response.


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